Mold spores exist all around us, in our indoor and outdoor environments. However, actual mold growth inside your home or business is not normal and can adversely impact your health when spores are absorbed into the respiratory system. Mold spreads rapidly, so an insignificant mold infestation can quickly worsen into a major problem. In addition, the improper handling or cleaning of a mold damaged building can cause major secondary damage and increased job costs. 

Water Cleanup of Florida is devoted to immediate action when you contact us. A rapid response reduces the damage, stops further damage, and helps cut costs.

Water Cleanup of Florida is comprised of specialists in the art of mold removal who get started immediately to get your home or business back to normal. With years of training and experience, we can handle any mold remediation situation. Water Clean of Florida follows proven industry practices and uses state-of-the-art equipment in the mold removal process, since it allows us to quickly and effectively remediate your home or business. We are excellent communicators and are happy to explain our process in detail to homeowners or property managers with mold damage or air quality concerns. 

During the mold remediation process, it is often necessary for Water Cleanup of Florida to seal off the affected areas with plastic containment barriers to keep mold spores from contaminating other parts of the home or business. There is usually no need to vacate your home or business, and we will do whatever it takes to keep your daily routine as normal as possible. 

Water Cleanup of Florida does not offer mold assessment tests (or air quality tests) for ethical reasons, as we believe it is a conflict of interest to do both the remediation and the mold assessments. We are happy to recommend a licensed and insured third-party mold assessor if you should need a referral. 

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